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Hot Tub vs Jacuzzi – What’s the Difference?

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Lying down in the hot tub or Jacuzzi is more of therapy than a luxury; this simple ritual can save you from multiple trips to your doctor, excessive medication and physiotherapy. Whether you opt for a jacuzzi or a hot tub, they are equally effective to reduce the pain that you experience after a hectic day at work.

Hot tubs make a real difference in your life by bringing in a sense of relaxation every time you take a dip. People often ask experts like me that which one is a better option – a Jacuzzi or a hot tub?

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The two terms are interchangeable and it is natural to get confused – what is the hot tub? What are its uses? Which one should I get? What’s better for my needs: a Jacuzzi or a hot tub? What makes which one special? I should go for Jacuzzi or a bathtub?

Difference between Jacuzzi and a hot tub:

There is no difference – they are the same. If you soak in your jacuzzi, that means you soak in your hot tub. If you soak in your hot tub, you can say that you soak in your jacuzzi.

The word “jacuzzi” has two meanings. Jacuzzi is a synonym of a hot tub, and also the name of a firm (Jacuzzi LLC) that produces hot tubs (and where I worked for more than a decade).

It’s like when you say “xerox”, you usually mean a photocopier. But Xerox is also a name for a corporation that manufactures photocopiers.

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So when people say “my jacuzzi” they mean “my hot tub”. Sometimes their hot tub would be manufactured by Jacuzzi LLC, sometimes not, but it doesn’t matter. The two terms, when used casually, mean the same thing – a hot tub.

Hot tub

Jacuzzi TM is a brand

Jacuzzi is the manufacturer and a brand which is notorious for manufacturing of air-jetted tubs in the 1960s. It is common to use the brand name to define some products as most of the people today say Kleenex while mentioning any brand of tissue or Jello when someone wants to refer to a gelatin brand.

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Just like Jacuzzi, there are various other hot tub brands as well; some famous ones are listed below:

  • Hot Spring
  • Sundance Spas
  • Royal Parcevian
  • MAAX
  • VITA Spa
  • PDC Spas
  • Coast Spas
  • Hydro Pool
  • Viking Spas
  • Marquis
  • Master Spas

With all the above-listed brands available, it’s clear that not all the hot tubs are made by Jacuzzi. Hot tubs come with various features and benefits and every manufacturer tries to include distinctive features to make their hot tub stand out from the others available in the market.

Bathtub vs. Hot Tub vs. Jacuzzi

OK, as we already know, hot tubs and Jacuzzi are the same thing.

Compared to the usual bathtub, a hot tub is designed and manufactured so that it can be used by 3-4 people at a time. There are numerous models by different manufacturers that are capable of accommodating more than four people. Most of the times, hot tubs are installed in the outdoor area, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be installed inside. They are weather-proof and can be used anywhere.

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Hot tubs and Baths are Different

Hot tubs and baths have some critical differences like baths are ideal for single-person usage while hot tubs are designed for simultaneous use by multiple people. The water inside the hot tub doesn’t need to be changed with every single use, as is the practice with bathtubs.

Another difference between hot tubs and baths is the use of shampoos and soaps which is not an issue in a bathtub but can cause issues in a hot tub. So hot tubs and Jacuzzis are the same with no difference at all, but hot tubs and bathtubs are different.

Sanitization methods for hot tubs are similar to the ones used for the sanitation of swimming pools. Hot tub lovers love sharing posts [1] of their freshly-cleaned hot tubs and how they feel awesome even before getting inside their sparkling clean hot tub.

More about Jacuzzi brand

Jacuzzi is a company that manufactures hot tub spas and whirlpool bathtubs. The first product of Jacuzzi was a portable hydrotherapy unit that could be assembled in the bathroom. Later on, the jet which was used in the portable unit was merged with the swimming pool’s wall. Furthermore, it also got adapted as a fibreglass bathtub. It got registered with a federal trademark as Jacuzzi Inc. on 5th September 1978.

Jacuzzi rose to the heights of fame with an ever-growing number of users worldwide. Actual benefits of using Jacuzzi can only be better explained by the customers who are using it for pain relief and invest in this luxurious asset for living a fuller life.

Company’s history

The company started as the Jacuzzi Bros Propellers. It was founded by the 7 Italian brothers in 1915 headed by the Giocondo Jacuzzi; it is a California based organization. Wooden propellers under military contracts were made by the Jacuzzi brothers. The brothers shuffled briefly in 1920 with aircraft manufacture and designs having a seven-seat and single-seat cabin monoplane.

These two aircraft were prominent for the use of laminated wood products for the fuselage production, unfortunately, they were unsuccessful because each aircraft was unique and not manufactured with the aim of mass production. The pilot Giocondo Jacuzzi and two employees of the company were killed when their plane got crashed [2] in Modesto.

Eventually, the company managed to become a bubble and whirlpool bath manufacturer named Jacuzzi which ultimately became synonymous with other bath products irrespective of the manufacturer.

Jacuzzi Brothers

Candido Enzo Jacuzzi migrated to America from Italy. He invented Jacuzzi whirlpool bath for his son who by birth was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. He built a pump which enabled an immovable waterspout in the bathroom in the form of a hydrotherapeutic device. He designed the first-ever autonomous Jacuzzi tub and he was the first patent filer in this niche.

In 1968, it was marketed as the first hydrotherapy tub [3] by Candido Jacuzzi. Later in 1970, it was bought by Kiddie who hired Roy Jacuzzi, and he began to claim that he was the one to invent Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi’s website history was modified and Roy came to be known as the inventor. With a new president in charge, 30 years’ history got modified and the original patent was licensed to the Jacuzzi Corporation.

Definition of a hot tub

Sometimes hot tubs are also called spas and are popularly known by their trade name Jacuzzi. To understand the difference between a hot tub and Jacuzzi, it is important to know what a hot tub is.

As an expert, I tell laymen that a hot tub is a small pool or a large tub filled with water which is used for the hydrotherapy, spa, pleasure, and recreation. The water is maintained at a controlled temperature that can be changed as desired. In my designs of hot tubs, I use powerful jets for extra massage and elevated comfort level.

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During my experience of designing hot tubs to benefit customers, I have seen customers get the utmost satisfaction from their hot tubs regardless of the manufacturer. As I design hot tubs and personally also relax inside them, I can iterate that the hot tub could also be called with another name “pleasure”.

Why people buy hot tubs?

There is no reason to say no to the installation of a hot tub if you can afford it. My team has undergone thorough research to enumerate the top reasons to buy a hot tub. Following list includes major reasons for buying a hot tub:

  1. Utmost comfort
  2. Hydrotherapy benefits
  3. Induces deep and sound sleep
  4. A personal oasis at home
  5. Reduction in stress level
  6. Consistent retreat
  7. Muscular relaxation
  8. Next level bathing

How does a hot tub work?

In my designs of hot tubs, there are three main connections of the jets in a hot tub: it includes air mixture outlet, air-inlet, and water-inlet. Hot tub pressure pumps push the water into the jet until it flows out from the front side. The air gets mixed with the pressurized water stream with the use of venturi – it is a small hole in the jet from where the water gets directed.

While using a hot tub you will first choose the action you want the hot tub to perform for you from the control system. Water gets circulated through the spa pump, it pushes the water through the filter, where the water gets filtered. Once filtered, the water gets pushed with the drainage system through the spa Ozonator and is forced from the spa jets.

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Health benefits of hot tubs

All my life I have designed hot tubs which have proven to provide health benefits for their users. The health benefits of hot tubs as per my experience are countless but most of the people realize the worth of a hot tub once they start to suffer from pain. The general health benefit of a hot tub includes the following:

  1. Stretches lower back and hips to provide muscular relief.
  2. Give relaxation to the sore muscles.
  3. If there is a back injury, hot tub accelerates the natural healing procedure of the body.
  4. Aids to get uninterrupted sleep and lets you fall asleep faster.
  5. Gives relief from anxiety, stress and improves mental state.
  6. Hot tubs provide muscular recovery and help you to stay active.
  7. Gives exercising health benefits while exerting lesser strain on the heart.
  8. Very effective in weight loss by increasing metabolism with heat that helps in burning fats quickly.
  9. Staying in water also improves the flow of endorphins.
  10. The circulation strain on the heart is improved by opening blood vessels.
  11. Decreases the pain or stress in the joints exerted on the body.
  12. The use of hot tub is very effective to get relief from the arthritis pain.
  13. It is an amazing remedy for those who suffer from blood pressure issues.

Hot tub features: must–have and bonus

We have designed hot tubs with various features and attributes; some of them come with the basic features while some are designed by adding extra features to this amazing product. There are different models with remarkable options added to the hot tub such as the jet packages, light, and sound system. Same like car models, I also add different features to every single model to customize it in the product line.

Must-have features

The following are the must-have features of a hot tub:

  • Jets
  • Slip-resistive acrylic surface
  • Moveable hot tub cover
  • High-density foam insulation
  • Water heating system
  • Filtration and sanitation system for water storage
  • Superior insulation for electricity saving
  • Pumps for water boosting
  • Water purification system for the hot tub
  • Warranty

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Bonus features of the hot tub

  • Digital control systems
  • Bluetooth
  • Massage jets with adjustable flow
  • LED system
  • Sound system with waterproof woofers
  • Touch screen controls
  • High water flow therapy
  • Wireless headsets
  • Additional lighting
  • Extreme therapy seat for full body massage
  • Orbit jets for adjustable velocity
  • Wi-Fi module to remotely control the hot tubs operations
  • Noise reduction system
  • Master blaster foot therapy

Jacuzzi vs other hot tub brands

Let us take a cursory look at the difference between a few manufacturers of hot tubs:


The company was established in 1956 and their different models [4] range within the price of $5995 to $18800. The warranty of their products varies from country to country; some models have shell structure with 10-years warranty, 7-years for the surface, 5-year equipment control and plumbing. Customers have given Jacuzzi 5-star rating for its excellent performance and perfection with outstanding features and the pleasure it gives after a long hectic day of work.

Marquis Spas

The company first started to work in 1980. For warranty, an owner’s protection plan is given with a price range of $5150 to $8895. Customers have shown satisfaction for their experience with Marquis Spas and the features are great but some extra effort is required for its maintenance.

Sundance Spa

The company started working in this industry in 1979 and the hot tubs can be bought within a price range of $5600 to $16890. The warranty offered for hot tubs depends upon the country and the series of hot tubs they have manufactured; the warranty given for some series varies for plumbing, cabinets, shell surface and jets. Customers have reviewed Sundance Spa to be a good companion for an average time of more than ten years with minimum repairs.

Hot Spring

Hot Springs was established in 1977. The hot tubs price range is $5995-$13995 with warranties of 7 years for surface and 5 years for components heater, while there is no cabinet and leak warranty. Their customers have shown their dissatisfaction due to the failure in the system after 6 months or so; after this period, the customers have to use some other techniques to make it work because of no suitable warranty for fixing.

Spec comparison of hot tubs

Following is the comparison of some specifications of different hot tub brands which would help customers make a better decision:

BrandJacuzzi J-585Hot Spring Grandee NXTMarquis The Spirit
Seats7 seats7 seats3 to 4
Dimensions7’7″ x 7’7″ x 37.5″8’4″ x 7’7″ x 38″66″ x 84″ x 35″
JetsJacuzzi 585 comes with a total of 52 jets for a strong and soothing massage. 52 jets include directional precision, soothing stream jets. It offers different seating to accommodate the needs of various users. It works with the therapeutic seating and the J500 models also offer the hip-jetsAll the models of this brand come with exclusive moto massage having a unique moving jet design. Moto massage produces powerful water streams which sweep up and down the length of the back.It has 32 jets, full body lounge gives extra benefit for the shoulders, thighs, and feet.
Water Capacity440 gallons500 gallons200 gallons
Energy EfficiencyEnergy efficient design and high-quality material are used in J-585; it helps in keeping the energy bills low with an estimated cost of $20 per month. It has multi-layer foam insulation that does not let the heat escape from the tub.High life collection models are efficient in every way; they have various energy-saving mechanisms. High life models have exclusive multi-layer foam insulation.Energy efficiency is based on the time duration of its use, it includes the filtration time as well. It is also dependent upon the personal software settings, ambient temperature, and usage frequency.
PumpsJ-585 has two strong 2.5 continuous duty horsepower pumps.It has two powerful pumps with two speed and 2.5 continuous duty pumps.1 pump of the spirit is equivalent to 120 to 160 GPM.
WattageIt offers 240 volts for 30, 50 and 60 ampsOnly 230 volts at 50 amps60Hz: 120V/15A or 240V/30A/50A
Lightning SystemIt has unique ProEdge lighting technology which gives the hot tub a glowing appearance including multi-color waterfalls, corner lights and LED lighting in and under the water.NXT has the luminescence multi-color four zone lighting system. It also provides customized programmable multi-colored LED lighting system.Multiple LED light points encircle the interior below the line of water while highlighting the exterior in all directions.
CoverIt has Prolast cover which is weatherproof and lightweight for easy use.3.5” to 2.5” vinyl cover of 2lb density foam core in caramel, chocolate and evergreen come in Grandee NXT.It has a dura cover. The cover-friendly hot tub has a manual cover lift.
Entertainment OptionsThe BlueWave 2.0 wireless audio system comes with spa-engineered subwoofers and speakers.You can stream live music with the title displayed on the control panel.The Bluetooth audio system lets you rock n roll. You can control the playback from the spa touch screen, phone or iPod.

Not because I have worked in Jacuzzi but hot tub users from all over the world know the value of Jacuzzi although the price is high yet the company’s experience, product quality and its position in the market justify its price.

Are original Jacuzzi tubs worth it?

Although the price is higher than other brands but Jacuzzi is an investment that no one would regret in their life. It offers a complete line of state-of-the-art hot tubs. For me, Jacuzzi is the brand of hot tubs which has almost 3 decades of revolution and privatization [5] and it holds expertise, technology and style of its own.

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So would you like to make an investment in a Ferrari manufactured by Ferrari or by Renault? Similarly, if you want to buy a MacBook you would buy the one manufactured by Apple or the one by Lenovo? There, you have it: there is no difference between a Jacuzzi and a hot tub, but a hot tub from Jacuzzi is a classic luxury!

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