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Home foot spas – are you sure it’s always for Pedicure?

Tired, aching feet? Why not invest in a home foot spa? In this article, we give you a breakdown of the best foot spa models on the market.

A Home Foot Spa is an awesome purchase for relaxation, pain relief, pedicure, or as a gift. But choosing the best option for your needs is complicated, considering the variety of models on the market and the concerns related to them.

In this article, you will find the results of our detailed analysis of the best spa models among the most popular ones. You can also find answers to the main questions that you may have. All of this will help you to consciously make the best choice.

Our choice

In our analysis, we intentionally considered models with different functionalities. Because different people have different preferences, and what suits one person may not suit another. As a result, we divided the models into categories and chose the winner in each of them.

The first — the models with the heating element and automatic rollers.

The second — the models with the heater and manual rollers, which should be driven by yourself. 

The third — the simplest models. They have no heater. They only maintain temperature and include manual rollers.

RatingModelParametersBest fit for:
ArtNaturals Foot Spa
4 removable rollers
+ Digital corol
If only a good heater is important to you, it is the best choice, equipped with digital control, and offers the best value.

Read more
Conair Active Life
2 removable rollers
Without a heater
(only maintains temperature)
If you need a relaxing massage, you do not soak your feet for long and you agree to heat the water with a kettle.

Read more

At the same time, we have chosen our favorite — Ivation Foot Spa Massager. It has a good heater, vibration and bubbles function (many competitors have only just vibration or bubble), 2 automatic rollers (many models are manual), and several additional functions — handle, timer, 3 pedicure attachments, red light, and pumice as a gift. 

This article also presents an analysis of several other worthwhile foot spa models (jump to section).

How did we pick

We started our research without relying on previously written articles on this topic. For our analysis, we looked at the most popular models by their specifications and feedback from those who are already actively using them. We also surveyed a spa professional — to find out about important features of the spa for legs and a support worker — to find out about frequent breakdowns and return options.

Our research comprises of:

  • Over 153 hours of work 

(So you don’t have to spend as much time separating the truth from the marketing bs)

  • 440 analyzed client experience reviews 
  • 11 popular home spa foot models
  • 2 specialists surveyed
ByRossi methodology

Is a foot spa a good investment?

Having an alternative to salon procedures at home is always a good solution. But that is not the only reason why people buy a home foot spa.

Why do people buy foot spas (from buyers’ comments)

A great way to pamper yourself at home

After wearing heels all day, after a long, tiring day at work, it’s so relaxing to dip my feet in my home foot spa while I can read a book or watch tv, etc.

— Roan, NC

I use my home foot spa as my relaxing ritual every evening before I go to bed, and I love it!

— Tina, California

The vibration is a wonderful little feature

— Brian, New Jersey

Improves health

The foot spa has made a significant improvement to the pain in my right foot.”

— Mike, Alabama

The warm water feels so relaxing on the feet, and it keeps the skin soft and supple

— Ben, Connecticut

The rolling massagers relax the feet and help to gently get rid of calluses and dry skin.

— John, Maryland

To cut out pedicure costs at the salon

If I’m completely honest, I bought one because the salons are closed and I needed to take care of my feet at home.

— Brian, Indiana

I’ve saved money on salon pedicures. I can now have a relaxing pedicure at home.

— Chris, Illinois

A gift

I would be delighted to receive this as a gift. It’s a wonderful gift for anyone.

— Michel, Kentucky

For your purchase to meet your expectations, it is essential to know what to look out for when choosing a foot spa. 

How to choose a foot spa

It’s ideal when the technical characteristics and your needs match. There are some things you should know when it comes to choosing a foot spa. Let’s see exactly what we need to consider.

Heating element

Some models do not have a heater. These are often described as maintaining temperature (jump to section). The apparent disadvantage is water cooling, plus — the price is usually lower than in models with a heater. These foot spas need to be filled with hot water, and they will maintain the temperature for up to 20 minutes. If you don’t need a high water temperature for your feet, this is a reasonable choice.

If you need a hot foot spa for the entire duration of your session and do not want to heat the water before, you should look for models with a heater. These, in turn, are divided into models with automatic and manual rollers.

Roller Types

The most common models are those with manual rollers. For the massage effect, you need to move your feet on your own. On the plus side, you can choose your own pace and pressure strength. However, it is necessary to note that the manual roller can be sharp for a person with sensitive skin. But if for this or any other reason you do not like rollers, they can usually be removed.

Automatically rotating massage rollers can thoroughly massage every acupuncture point on your sole, effectively relieve pressure, promote blood circulation, and improve sleep. It can be simple rollers or another type of shiatsu rollers that are also motorized. 

Ovitus Foot Spa Bath Massager

Control panel

It is essential to understand that the models have different control panels.

ModelDescriptionFrom our list

Kendal FB10 Foot Spa
The first type is an analogue panel.
It is easy to use, allows you to switch the mode, but not customize it.
Kendal FB10 Foot Spa
Kendal FB09 Large Safest

Ivation Foot Spa
The second type is a digital control panel.
It allows you to adjust the temperature and modes of bubbles and vibrations.
Ivation Foot Spa
ArtNaturals Foot Spa
Ovitus Foot Spa Bath
MaxKare Foot Spa
MaxKare Foot Spa/Bath

You need to pay attention to the control panel in combination with the heating element. Models with an analog panel and heater usually have no temperature control. Therefore, from time to time, when the water heats to a high temperature, the heater should be turned off, which turns off other functions (bubbles, vibrations, etc.).

For example, a model with an analog panel Kendal Foot Spahas three modes: 

  • Mode 1 — Vibration Massage + Red Light
  • Mode 2 — Heating Therapy + Bubbles Massage
  • Mode 3 — Heating Therapy + Bubbles Massage + Vibration Massage + Red Light.

That is, if you want to turn off the heater, the bubble function will not be available to you either. When you use a model with digital control, it is possible to regulate the temperature and set the lowest temperature in different modes.


An invigorating bubble massage relaxes and soothes tired feet. And it’s also essential for many of us. You can’t expect a strong message from a home spa. It provides a relaxing massage.

The vibration works fine, but the bubbles are weak in the ArtNaturals Foot Spa.

The bubbles are the best in non-heating models based on customer feedback: 

Models with heaters that have the best bubbles:

  • MaxKare Foot Spa Massager
  • Kendal FB10 Foot Spa
  • Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Additional features for better use

There are also a few other features that provide convenience:

ModelDescriptionFrom our list

Kendal FB09 Large Safest
And a hose to drain the water Kendal FB09 Large Safest
ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager

A handle for carrying the foot spa is convenient. ArtNaturals Foot Spa Massager
Ivation Foot Spa Massager
ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager

Kendal FB09 Large Safest
Drag and drop is a big plus when the model has wheels.
Kendal FB09 Large Safest
ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath Massager

The presence of a material box component also provides comfort in a home spa.
You can add herbs, spa elements (salts, various oils) to it. In this way, make it genuinely relaxing.
Many manufacturers where there is no material box, do not approve of salts and oils in the water.
Although they are listed with the product, the use of salts and/or oils in the water most often voids the warranty.
ArtNaturals Foot Spa
ACEVIVI Foot Spa Bath
MaxKare Foot Spa
MaxKare Foot Spa/Bath

Some models have a red light. But many customers don’t know the reason behind this and consider it as a marketing gimmick. Red light therapy uses a shallow level of heat, which is almost not felt. Some skin cells absorb this heat and produce more energy. This helps, according to clinical studies, cells regenerate by stimulating the healing of skin and muscle tissue.

Also, the major thing is roominess. Most spa foot descriptions do not specify the size of feet that can fit. This is an important detail to be in the description. We had to send a message to many manufacturers. Any foot spas from our list are roomy up to 12 US-size. 14-15 US-sized people need to find out what is good for them. For these sizes, we can recommend the Kendal Large Safest

Note. What you can expect from most foot spas is that the cord is short, and you have to use it with an extension cord.

Analyzed models of home foot spas

Models with the heating element and automatic rollers
#3 OvitusGood, but with remarks
Combines almost all useful additions, but the bubbles do not work well with the massage.
Read more
Models with the heating element and manual rollers
#1 ArtNaturalsWinner
The strengths of this model are that it is ideal for relaxing and offers the trouble-free operation of the heater.
Read more
#3 Kendal FB09 Large SafestBest size
Unlike most competitors, it can accommodate a male foot size 14.
Read more
Models without a heater (only maintain temperature)
#1 Conair Active LifeWinner
It is the best choice in this category due to its quality and additional features (waterfall, pedicure nozzles, and LED lights).
Read more
#2 HoMedicsDoing its job
You can be sure it' ll do the work — cleaning and softening the feet.
Read more
#3 ConairDon't expect much
It's a straightforward model without any additions. It provides a good relaxing massage, but you should not expect strong vibrations.
Read more

Models with the heating element and automatic rollers

#1 Ivation Foot Spa Massager

Best choice

Do we recommend: absolutely

The best choice because it leads in all its functions, great massage, pedicure nozzles, and ease of use.

With this spa, you don’t have to heat the water separately in a kettle or wait long for it to get hot. It is fast enough to heat the water to 120° F and then keeps it warm. This model has digital adjustable temperature control, which can maintain/increase/reduce the heat and also has a timer function.

A nice feature of this spa is the combination of both vibration and bubbles (the two models below have only bubbles). Together with the automatic massage rollers, they provide an excellent relaxing massage. But it is worth noting that plastic spikes on the rollers are not as comfortable at the bottom of your feet (especially if you have neuropathy problems).

This model contains 3 additional attachments for a thorough pedicure. Also, the advertisement says that pumice is a gift when buying. But not every spa is equipped with one.

The operation of this spa has a low noise level, which allows you to enjoy the spa or watch TV without unnecessary noise. And to make it easy to carry this spa, there is a handy addition — a handle.

Something worth mentioning is there’s a slip in the instructions that says, “Notice: Please do not turn on the foot spa unless it has been filled with water. Turning the unit on without water in the basin will cause the seal to break, and the spa will leak”. 

Ivation Foot Spa Massager
Source: Instagram

#2 ACEVIVI Foot Spa

Easy-to-use and comfortable massage

Do we recommend: yes

This model has been designed to be easy-to-use and straightforward (thanks to self-draining, handling, and 4 movable wheels). And at the same time, it performs its main tasks well.

This model is the only one that has a self-draining function. This makes it possible to empty the tank effortlessly. Two other models Kendal FB09 Large Safest and Ovitus Foot Spa Massager have a hose for the same task. 

ACEVIVI combines a handle and 4 movable wheels for easy movement. This also makes this model stand out from the crowd. Only one other model has such a combination – Ovitus Foot Spa

There are 3 different massage modes in this foot spa that allow you to comfortably massage your feet on the heels, fingers, arches, and ankles. They are suitable for relaxation but not a strong message.

You can adjust the water temperature from 35℃ to 48℃ (95°F ~ 118°F) and the massage time from 10 ~ 60 minutes. There is a heater with multi-insulation protection and protection against double overheating

#3 Ovitus Foot Spa Bath

Good, but with remarks

Do we recommend: tentatively

Combines almost all useful additions (see ” extra features “), but the bubbles do not perform well with the massage. 

ModelParametersExtra features
16.9x 14.6x 12.6
16 Pedicure spa Motorized shiatsu
Heating + Digital control
Handle, wheels
Red light
Material box

The water heats up in less than a minute and can be easily adjusted. You can activate any function alone or simultaneously with other tasks. Also, it has a section (material box) for salt or herbs to make your spa experience even more enjoyable. 

The drawback of this model is a weak bubble function. The bubbles are not strong enough to get anything more than a mild relaxing effect. Also, although the description includes a remote control, it usually doesn’t work (and it’s not about batteries). Sometimes it’s not even included.

The water can be quickly drained using an external drain tube, and the massage rollers can be removed for easy cleaning. For comfort moving, this model has a handle and wheels.

Models with the heating element and manual rollers

#1 ArtNaturals Foot Spa


Do we recommend: absolutely

The strengths of this model are that it is ideal for relaxing and offers a trouble-free operation of the heater.

ModelParametersExtra features
4 Removable rollers
+ Digital control
Material box
Red light

This model has a good quality heater, which in this category is a great luck. Even if you have used cold water, it heats up very quickly and stays hot, with the bubbles running. This model has a digital control (which not all models in this category have), which allows you to regulate the temperature.

The rollers are good for soft hand kneading on the soles. And most importantly, they are not sharp, as in many models, people complain that the casters are uncomfortable for sensitive skin. The rollers are manual, but thanks to this, you can get a massage quite quietly. Besides, they’re removable if you ever want to take them out. 

ArtNaturals Foot Spa has bubbles, but it doesn’t offer a vibrating function. It provides a pleasant, relaxing massage, but do not expect a strong massage. This model (unlike many others) has a material box for your salts or other spa products  

The model itself is lightweight, and the pink plastic cover can be lifted and used as a handle.

ArtNaturals Foot Spa
Source: Instagram

#2 MaxKare Foot Spa

Relaxation and intense massage

Do we recommend: yes

One of the few that combines relaxing bubbles and powerful vibrations.

MaxKare Foot Spa is a good size, yet compact and lightweight spa. The bubbles are the loudest feature; without the bubbles, the device is quite good. The vibration is silent, gentle, and at the same time effective. 

The rollers are manual, so customers have to move their feet over the rollers to get a massage. They are a bit sharp, so the feet may start to hurt after some time. 

The heating function is great for keeping the water hot, but the water should be initially hot. It is worth noting that all temperatures are in the manual and on display in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. 

The control head is not removable, making it difficult to clean later.

#3 Kendal FB09 Large Safest

Best size

Do we recommend: yes, if you have a big foot size

Unlike most competitors, it can accommodate a male foot size 14.

ModelParametersExtra features
Vibration, bubbles
2 Removable rollers
Red light

The main advantage of the Kendal FB09 Large Safest is its size. The bubbles are suitable for a home spa. The massage rollers are a bit sharp and may be uncomfortable for sensitive skin, but they are removable.

It is very convenient to drain water through a hose rather than trying to overturn a foot bath. This model does not have a handle, but it has wheels, so you don’t need to lift it at all and can simply drag it.

Important to know (analogically for Kendal FB10 Foot Spa). These models have an analog control panel instead of a digital one, which makes it easy-to-use but no temperature control. You just choose one of 3 presets (heat bubbles, vibrating light, or vibrating light bubbles).

The heater makes the water quite hot, and you have to turn it off periodically. Unfortunately, turning off the heater also turns off the bubbles. Such a problem does not arise with a model with a digital panel (For example – Ovitus Foot Spa). 

#4 Kendal FB10 Foot Spa

Simple spa with heating

Do we recommend: tentatively

It’s an inexpensive massager, which has no special additions and provides a weak massage.

Kendal FB10 Foot Spa is a simple massager that performs well. Bubbles and vibrations are quite refreshing and help tired feet feel much better. The rollers provide additional massage, but if they make you uncomfortable or hurt, you can easily remove them.

Important to know (analogically for Kendal FB09 Large Safest) These models have an analog control panel instead of a digital one, which makes it easy to use but no temperature control. You just choose one of 3 presets (heat bubbles, vibrating light, or vibrating light bubbles). 

The heater makes the water quite hot, and you have to turn it off periodically. Unfortunately, turning off the heater also turns off the bubbles. Such a problem does not arise with a model that has a digital panel (For example — Ovitus Foot Spa). 

#5 MaxKare Foot Spa/Bath


Do we recommend: nope

If you are stuck between this model and any other one from this list, it is better to choose the second one.

ModelParametersExtra features
Vibration, bubbles
16 Mini removable rollers (4 pairs)
Heating + digital control
Material box

The most robust feature of this foot spa is the heater. It heats the water very quickly and keeps it in the right range for you. This device is also easy-to-use and it is not heavy, so it is easy to move.

Vibrations are light. The bubbles also do not have much power. The massage component of the spa has manual rollers, but many note that they become uncomfortable in just a few minutes.

The control head is not removable, making subsequent cleaning difficult. Also, users had complaints about the quality and durability in general.

Models without a heater (only maintain temperature)

#1 Conair Active Life


Do we recommend: absolutely

Massager performs its work well and has additional functions (waterfall, pedicure nozzles, and LED lights), which is rare for this category.

ModelParametersExtra features
7.6x13.5 x 16.5
2 Removable rollers
Without a heater
(only maintains temperature)
3 Attachments: a scrub Brush, pumice stone, and a soft-touch Massager
LED lights

A special feature of this model is a waterfall located at the top of the spa. Not only does it provide a subtle visual effect but it also provides a soothing and quite pleasant feeling. The bubble action is excellent. You can choose from a low to high bubble level. But the device is noisy when the bubbles or waterfall is running, so if you are watching TV, you will have to turn up the volume. 

It is also rare to have additional features in this category. This model has 3 nozzles: scrub brush, pumice stone, and a soft-touch massager. There is also a light, which adds a nice look. 

In this category, the water is not heated, but the temperature is maintained for about 20 minutes. The rollers are good, but they lift the feet, so the toes are not always fully submerged in the water. You can take out the rollers.

Conair Active Life
Source: Instagram

#2 HoMedics FB-55 toe-touch foot spa

Doing its job

Do we recommend: yes

You can be sure it’ll do its job — cleaning and softening the feet.

ModelParametersExtra features
Without a heater
(only maintain temperature)
Removable pumice

It is a good product. It does what it has to do: cleans and softens the feet. Don’t keep the water too deep as when the bubbles are active, and water droplets can hit the floor. It’s better not to fill it with too much water. Also, it is worth noting that it is a little loud. 

#3 Conair Foot/Pedicure Spa

Don’t expect much

Do we recommend: tentatively

It’s straightforward, inexpensive model without any additions. 

ModelParametersExtra features
without a heater
(only maintains temperature)
doesn't have any

This model by Conair is very simple without any additions or features. As a result, it has an attractive price and is in demand. It performs well in providing one of the most sought-after features– a relaxing massage. But don’t expect strong vibrations, only a gentle and relaxing massage.

How to properly use a foot spa

Almost all the models did not include an instruction on how to use the spa and how to care for it, although it is pretty logical. We have looked at the main model instructions in detail and asked the specialists some questions. As a result, below is a universal guide to using a home foot spa.

Instruction for use

  1. Always place the Foot Spa directly on the floor; remove any mats or carpeting
  2. Choose a comfortable chair to sit on while using the Foot Spa
  3. Fill the Spa with warm water to the waterline
  4. Plug the Spa in
  5. Press the Start Button
  6. Set the timing on CountDown (if your model includes this feature)
  7. Set the temp (if your model includes this feature)
  8. Place your feet in the water, rest for 20-30 mins (to not overheat the Spa)
  9. Turn the Spa off; remove the water. Clean the Spa between each use and dry before storing

The following information is important for foot spa owners.

Nuances of use

  • It needs to be placed on a flat surface so that the airflow to the heating coils doesn’t get disrupted, so it’s not ideal for putting it on carpeted surfaces.
  • Please do not turn on the foot spa unless it has been filled with water. Turning the unit on without water in the basin will cause the seal to break, and the spa will leak. 
  • Be careful not to get the display wet as it will turn on/off A LOT until it dries out.
  • Manufacturers say about a lot of foot spas: we do not recommend you use any essential oils or other additives in the product because they can damage the plastic. But some models have a material box to add herbs, salts, or other spa products.


Although we analyzed the most prevalent foot spas in this article, you can see that several models are available on the market. The choice is not hard when you understand your requirements and what characteristics you need to pay attention to.

Let’s just remind you of our winners. 

ArtNaturals Foot SpaConair Active Life
The winner among models with the heater and manual rollers
The winner among models without heater and manual rollers


🩰 What is a home spa for feet?

A foot spa is essentially a warm water bath in which you soak your feet for some time for health, relaxation, or a pedicure. Nowadays, there are many different models on the market with additional functions.

💆‍♀️ Is a home foot spa very different from a salon?

Home spas can differ in functionality and power.

There are simple models without a heating element and with light vibrations or bubbles. These foot spas are undoubtedly challenging to compare with salon treatments.

There are models of home foot spas with powerful vibrations and/or bubbles, different nozzles, and a good heater. Such spa procedures make good competition for the salons.

⚡ Does a foot spa only work when connected?

Yes, a foot spa provides some functions that require electricity to operate.

🧂 Can I use salts and oils in my foot spa?

In most cases, the use of any supplement to the water is not recommended by the manufacturers. But some models have a material box. In such cases, the use of supplements is prescribed by the manufacturer, and there should be no problem with the warranty. 

👠 How do you get a pedicure at home?

20-30 minutes in a foot spa perfectly prepares your feet for a pedicure. Some spa models even have special pedicure tips, but for a thorough pedicure, you’d better purchase a particular kit

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